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Who We Are

At The Rockets Investment, our commitment to redefining the investment experience is at the core of everything we do. We stand as a pioneering force, offering exclusive and high-yielding opportunities that transcend borders and elevate the investment landscape to new heights. As a leading investment company in the UAE, we meticulously curate a suite of services tailored to meet and exceed the unique needs of our esteemed clientele.

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Risk Managment

Our adeptness in managing financial risks associated with payouts for over 16 years assures investors of the quality of leadership our firm demonstrates in navigating challenges with professionalism and expertise.

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Global Networking

Our extensive experience in Citizenship By Investment programs, Real estate, Insurance and Lottery Gaming has led us to a global network, fostering valuable relationships across the United States, Central Europe, China, the Middle East, and Africa, offering for our investors access to international opportunities.

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Dennis meeting a client

Our Team

Meet our Expert Team

Ralph C: Martin

Ralph C. Martin

Founder & CEO

Wella Manabo

Wella Manabo

Chief Marketing Officer

Viann - Operations Manager

Viann Alarde

Operations Manger

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Why Choose Us

Trusted Partner for Corporate investment

Choosing to engage with The Rockets Investment is not just a pivotal decision but the paramount choice for clients and investors alike. Our commitment to redefining investment paradigms, fostering sustainable practices, and pioneering eco-change through initiatives like O! Millionaire, Oasis Park, and our Citizenship by Investment Programs sets us apart. 

 By partnering with us, clients not only secure their financial future but also contribute significantly to environmental conservation and sustainable development. We offer more than just investment opportunities; we offer a pathway to a greener, more prosperous tomorrow—a testament to our dedication to sustainable growth, responsible financial stewardship, and global mobility.

Mission & Vision & Values

Our Company's Growth has been Amazing!


  • Redefine the investment landscape through pioneering excellence and innovative initiatives.
  • Empower clients with tailored financial strategies to meet individual aspirations.
  • Foster a sustainable future by transforming landscapes and promoting environmental stewardship.


  • Pioneering Excellence: Leading through innovation and being at the forefront of the investment sphere.
  • Tailored Services: Crafting unique and personalized investment strategies for each client.
  • Environmental Commitment: Dedication to sustainable initiatives and responsible environmental practices.


  • Establish a global footprint where investments transcend boundaries and redefine success.
  • Create lush Oasis Parks worldwide, symbolizing a harmonious blend of environmental and financial prosperity.
  • Provide a secure and thriving financial future by leveraging global expertise and connections.
Meeting of Managers - Wella Manabo and Dennis
Meeting to plan investments
Meeting of Managers Ralph and Dennis

How Does It Work

Our Company's Growth has been Amazing!

Citizenship by Investment:

The Rockets Investment’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) services provide individuals with opportunities to obtain citizenship in select countries through investment. These programs typically involve making an investment in the host country’s economy, real estate, or specific government-approved projects. In return, participants gain access to benefits such as visa-free travel, enhanced global mobility, and expanded educational and business opportunities. The Rockets Investment assists clients through the intricate application processes, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and guiding them towards securing a second citizenship that aligns with their aspirations and future plans.

Loan Agreement:

Investing through The Rockets Investment’s loan agreement is a compelling opportunity, offering an impressive 25% annual returns. Beyond mere financial gains, this investment supports impactful projects like O! Millionaire and Oasis Park, fostering sustainable change by transforming arid landscapes into thriving green spaces. It’s a chance to diversify while aligning with stringent legal and financial standards. This investment isn’t just about profits; it’s an invitation to join pioneering initiatives, ensuring transparency, strong financial growth, and ethical commitments in the global investment sphere.